Three Must-do Things at Abu Dhabi Mall


Abu Dhabi mall is one of the biggest malls in Abu Dhabi. If someone thinks this mall is for shopping purposes only, he is wrong. Because it contains much more than shopping, it offers hundreds of brand shops, several hotels, a cinema, and a play land for children. Each of the things here is unique and awesome in every flank. Its significance can be determined by its ordinary forty thousand people’s daily visit. Numerous Abu Dhabi Mall hotels rank among the top hotels in Abu Dhabi. Here are things you must do if you get into Abu Dhabi Mall. 

1- Shopping

As shopping is the purpose of malls, a few malls offer the kind of shopping that Abu Dhabi Mall does. More than two hundred stores provide you with each and everything you need. The brands there do not compromise on the quality of goods, making this mall top-ranked. With this wide variety of goods, finding your favorite one is easy. 

2- Have a Meal

Restaurants at Abu Dhabi Mall serve you different cultural and local foods that are so delicious. These restaurants offer deals and discounts that can make you enjoy the same meals by paying less. From a large number of venues, it becomes challenging to select one. However, each one is worth trying. This mall suits you whether you want brunch, lunch, or dinner. 

3- Entertainment

It does not matter whether you come here with friends or children, because there is entertainment for both of them. There is a fantastic play land for the children that lets them enjoy the games and environment. Also, if you get to this mall with your friends and need entertainment, you can watch a movie with them. There is a fantastic cinema in the mall. 

Final Thoughts

There is no substitute for Abu Dhabi Mall and its services. Its play land attracts your children and lets you shop without any hesitation. Abu Dhabi Mall is a must-visit mall for tourists, and there is a lot of stuff that will never make you regret it. It will be a memorable experience for you.

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