Three Exciting Hotels in Abu Dhabi


Along with the cultural and skyscraper infrastructure, Abu Dhabi is rich in quality hotels that play an essential role in making Abu Dhabi stand out. These hotels are full of luxuries that are enough to attract people from the whole city and different parts of the world. Yas Island is an iconic destination for visitors and finding a hotel that deals with it is much easier because both the W and Hilton hotel deals Yas Island.  

Hilton Hotel

The Hilton hotel is located at Yas Island and is a sign of luxury in itself. Its three kilometers long wave front is enough to amuse the people here from all around the city. People staying here can enjoy the parks free of cost and can play with their children here. It contains 545 rooms, all renovated to enchant the stayers. Hilton hotel also provides meeting rooms to set up your business meeting. 

W Hotel

The five-star hotel at Yas Island, W, stands out due to its location and services. To enjoy the luxury of the hotel and its food, people from around the world set this hotel as their destination. It opens a world of beauty and delicious foods to them. There is a lot of stuff that you can do except for food and view. You can do water surfing, lie down on the sand and bask. 

Qasr Al Sarab Hotel

You might see many luxurious hotels in Abu Dhabi with unique foods, beautiful sitting places, and luxury rooms. Still, a hotel in Abu Dhabi offers much more than these facilities. At a distance of two hours from the city, Qasr Al Sarab is located precisely between the deserts. Its electrifying look enchants the visitors in the very first look. It offers windows directly open rooms with fantastic views of the desert. 

Final Thoughts

Hotels in the United Arab Emirates depict the luxurious Arab lifestyle, and the ones in Abu Dhabi are exceptional, whether it is concerned with the beauty or location of the islands. Staying in these hotels is worth it. If you plan to visit Abu Dhabi, these hotels will never make you regret it.

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